VR First project

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have really captured the imagination of people. Being able to dive into a world completely of your making, meeting up virtually with your pals, seeing Mars as if you were there. It’s all possible thanks to new technology.

I remember my first time experiencing VR. It was a GAME store that you had to book in at. I was taken to underwater worlds that ghouls inhabited and over the skies of Paris as I flew with doves. I was really excited for it, but the VR boom that we were promised, never came.

Whilst VR is an amazing concept, I don’t think its future lies in gaming, at least not only gaming. We’re already seeing different professions utilising this technology in novel ways. F1 drivers are now able to race their track from the comfort of their home, army combatants can be trained in combat, scientists can stand on Mars and there’s even research going into how it may help people with mental problems.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen was on a BBC show a couple of years ago. The host was touring the historic cities of Italy, giving us a history lesson into why these places were so important. At the end of each show, he’d be in this room with a tech guy. They’d pop the glasses on and as they did so, entered a whole new world. I say new, but really, it was how the world looked back in the city in questions heyday. In reality, a few rocks pocking out of a grassy mound was transformed into a Roman city, alive with citizens, market stalls and houses. They were able to view Venice from a birds-eye view and then, with a flick of a wrist, zoom down straight into a courtesans room.

I’m a photographer at heart, and whilst my VR scapes are nowhere near as advanced as those previously mentioned, I hoped to capture something of the here and now and preserve it for the future, even if it’s just me looking at it.

So far, I have 10, but I’m adding more when I feel obliged to take another 360 photo. Not all of them have turned out perfectly, especially when the subject is close or there are straight lines all in a row. But, the more I take, the better they become.

I’ve added the hyperlink to the catalogue of spheres here and at the top of the page

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