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Animated GIF

For this project, I had to use my new-found skills that I gained in class to make a GIF.
I’m familiar with Facebook but this was a new concept to me. Once Joel had shown us the basics, I got down to making my very first GIF. I animated a firework, here it is…

My very first GIF

For our project, the GIF that we made had to have a concept behind it. I thought long and hard, started a couple of GIFS and then decided against them until I settled on my design. Through hours of mistakes, do-overs, learning, frustration and relief, I finally have a GIF.

I feel like 2020 has been crazy for so many different reasons, not least to mention Covid. Even though Covid is the issue of our time, I feel like a bigger issue, which impedes progress on issues like climate change, world hunger, international cooperation, is the rise of fascism and the erasing of democracy around the world.

With Bolsarno ravaging the rainforest, Andrej Duda ripping right away from women and replacing Judges with his allies, and Trump doing everything possible to subvert the democratic process, we have to tread carefully. We have a climate emergency which is going to affect everybody, in times of need, humanity looks for “strong leaders” to help pull them through. My fear is that fascism will be embraced by so many countries around the world as the earth becomes more hostile to us. Resources will become more and more precious as droughts, floods, extreme weather hit almost everywhere…

The bad people don’t come looking all gruesome and hideous looking, that’s only in the movies. The bad people come dressed smart, driving swish cars and have people chanting their name


A Before and After

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