Short Film – Specs

The first time I’ve ever tried to film and edit anything, and I was pretty happy with my result, although there are some takeaways that I’ll use to build upon in the future.

My film was slightly comical, based in my London Flat. It followed me waking up, crossing things off my to-do list and trying to avoid an existential crisis (something that I fight off every day!). There was only one character, myself, but my internal monologue made it as if I were having a conversation with two people.

I used final cut pro as I find the software more streamlined and easier to use than adobe premiere pro. Plus, I had just bought my first ever Mac so wanted to try everything apple, obviously! (The free trial of final cut also helped persuade me)

Things I’d change about this movie would be the lighting. I need more of it! It was kind of difficult though as I was limited to what lights I had available in my flat. I turned up the exposure on final cut but the resulting image was grainy. Another workaround would be to open the aperture on my camera, although this would add to the depth of field, something I wanted to avoid. Also, my camera is a very entry-level Nikon. It’s great for photography but isn’t well known for its filming capabilities.

The sound is another thing I will have to consider for future projects. The final result was muffled slightly and you couldn’t always tell what I was saying. However, the university has provided us with microphones, and although they aren’t exactly professional spec, it works much better than my camera microphone.

Find the video here

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