I’ve never made a podcast before and was much more interested in the production side of things rather than actually hosting it becuase I hate the sound of my own voice (who doesn’t, right?).

I watched somebody on youtube that shared his creative process for making sweepers and intros and I used his concept to apply it to my own podcast.

I first decided on what i wanted the podcast to be about and then went on a quick fact finding mission. I knew it was going to be about space and with so much news recently about the new missions to the moon and to Mars, and with the anniversay of the moon landing only a couple of years ago, that seemed like tha most logical place to start.

I went to Nasa’s website who have an absolute wealth of free to use digital media to use, ranging from winds on mars, to historic messages sent to and from command, to more abstract things like turning a deep space picture into sound. Some of the stuff their really is out of this world.

I found several sounds that i liked and layered them in Logic Pro with a beat behind it. I then added a fade to a boom that would then lead into me talking. I’m actually really happy with the result which you can find in my portfolio.

Once i had my intro and my sweepers sorted, I imported them into Final cut pro, which I find much easier to work and edit with (even if it just is voice).

I had some facts and a direction I wanted to go in but then winged the speech to allow it to flow more freely. I actually ended up speaking for more than 3 minutes and had to cut it down.

The end result was what I would call a really good first attempt and look forward to making more if given the opportunity.

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