Mood boards help creative people convey an idea of how they want their piece, whether it a film, a fabric design or a magazine layout, to feel. This can be as simple as looking for images online that suit your need and making a collage out of it, or more complex, such as finding fabrics and magazine cut-outs to bind them together on a board that is tangible.

They’re really important when pitching the new idea for a project so that you can ensure everybody working has an understanding of what direction they’re heading. This creates a clear start for everybody and it can easily be modified to make sure you get the feeling you want. Moodboards will usually feature the kind of tone you want your project to have, shown sometimes as a colour card.

If you wanted something to feel luxury, you’d be thinking of the colour black, maybe something shiny, expensive cars, cigars in ashtrays. If you were making a film about your wedding, you’d perhaps think of the colour white, some netting, rings, doves maybe. You can see just from these descriptions what kind of feelings these object and colours convey

Here’s a mood board that I made for this blog post. What does it say to you? How does it make you feel? Is it happy, menacing, creepy? It’s interesting to see what kind of feelings people take from mood boards, and it just goes to show that it’s all subjective. These valuable insights will help the creators curate their content from a very early stage.

I created this with a relaxed feeling in mind. Friends at the beach, calming colours, gentle sea at sun set.

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