Lockdown Fatigue

We’ve been in lockdown for what feels like months and my energy has just about flatlined. I’ve been in the flat for weeks now, only leaving for food, my only real communication with the outside world is through a screen.

I haven’t seen my crazy flatmate for weeks (which I’m thankful for but it does make it lonely).

I moved to London to go to uni and meet some new people and get involved with some different things but all of that has been impossible. I know I’m not alone and so their is some solice in that.

I can’t wait until we can meet, drink, hug, sit next to our loved ones again. Actually being able to step foot into uni feels like a strange concept to me right now, but it can’t be much longer.

I’m trying to keep afloat, but work just feels beyond me. As soon as I sit down on the sofa, I know it’s game over. As soon as the university says we can go and use the libarry for study, I’ll be there everyday.

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