Animated Banner Ad

The advert I made for my portfolio used many copyright-free things from nasa and other things that I had a licence for. I downloaded all the materials that I wanted and kept them in a folder, editing them to create the desired effect.

I knew I was going to have to edit this together on final cut pro, as photoshop is useful for GIFS, and I see it can be used for video, but I’d rather use a purpose-built tool rather than trying to get PS to be a video editor too.

I sized picked the banner size I wanted, created a quick mock-up of how I expected it to look on some paper, and then set to work. First, I opened several artboards up and sized them to double the size I was planning on having my finished product. This would enable me to have more space to work with whilst keeping the aspect ratio the same.

Once I had resized all my elements to the right size, I opened final cut and started adding everything in. I used the ken burns effect to create movement within the image, some brilliant title animations with some added drop shadows and some text beneath that.

I think it’s my favourite thing in my portfolio and it probably took me the least time. big shout out to nasa for all the royalty free images!

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