About Me; Thomas Hughes

Male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Somewhere between 5″11 and 6″ and in my mid to late 20s at the time of writing.  A scar from chickenpox, that gets mistaken for a freckle, and a birthmark on my ribs are my only natural distinguished features. I’ve added to these natural deviations of beauty with memories that my skin will never forget, even though my mind does. One from when I was 13 still runs the length of my arm, although faded now, the lesson remains. My left wrist currently boasts the prize of my latest accident with a Stanley blade; 3 weeks later and it’s almost healed entirely, although the thin white line will remain for some time.

As well as accidental scars caused by weak tree branches and slips of a blade whilst cutting up carpets to fit into my new London home, I’ve also littered my torso with permanent marks of a different kind. But, now I have to ask myself; What kind of sane man sits silently in a chair whilst he watches a needle etch into his skin whilst paying for the privilege? Any person to have such a torturous procedure must either be clinically insane and must be admitted to a psychiatric ward for his or her own safety and the safety of the people around them. Or they’re  so stupid that they simply don’t realise what a bad idea it is to get irreversible drawings injected into your skin by, one can only assume to be, a pot-smoking, acid taking, high school drop out that has holes the size of golf balls in their ears. I’m yet to discover what category I fall into.

Each consensual ink blot has two stories to accompany it. One, I only tell to people that I love, the people that catch you when you fall, the people that without, life would seem a much darker, lonelier place. The other story changes so often that I forget what it is exactly. That’s the one most people know. I make sure I can hide stories under a t-shirt, away from the eyes of the world.

I moved to London for uni and to help me grow and develop. The alternative would be to waste a way at some rubbish job that i don’t want in some shit part of the country.